Company Overview
The world is changing rapidly and has tremendous challenges to master. Covestro is helping along the way with technologies and products that benefit society, lessen impact on the environment and return a profit – allowing us to give back to the communities in which we operate, and beyond.  By these means, we strive toward the purpose of our organization: To make the world a brighter place.

We reduce impact on the environment and create value, in line with the sustainability principle: “People, Planet, Profit.”  We accomplish it through innovative technologies that save energy and emissions in our production processes. We also achieve it through our innovative products and  materials that replace older materials such as glass and metal which are not as sustainably manufactured or not as sustainable across their lifecycle.

Covestro’s core business comprises three segments that produce and continuously advance raw materials for: Polyurethanes and their derivatives (PUR), for premium plastic polycarbonates (PCS) as well as for coatings, adhesives and other specialty materials (CAS). With more than 11,000 different products and solutions in their portfolios, our segments work together to push boundaries for our customers’ success. Whether used in cars, buildings, electronics, sporting equipment, or cosmetics, it is likely that you experience Covestro materials in your daily life.  Our products add value because they are often light weight, flexible, durable, heat and/or cold resistant, break resistant, transparent, eco-friendly, or just plain functional.

The technology and the products are fantastic.  However, the backbone of our organization’s success are our nearly 17,200 employees, who work at our 30 sites across the globe – from smaller technical centers and innovation hubs to large-scale production plants.  Within our employee population diversity is our strength and inclusion is our commitment. It is precisely because of our differences in terms of origin, beliefs, orientations, and (dis)abilities, that each one of us can make a unique contribution to our overall success.

To us, diversity also means going beyond traditional ways of acting and thinking. This mindset is reflected in Covestro’s official corporate values. Whether it concerns each one of us on a personal level or Covestro as a whole: we always strive to be curious, courageous, and colorful.
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