Company Overview

Forms+Surfaces designs and manufactures architectural products used in public spaces around the world. From walls and elevator interiors to site furnishings and lighting, our line invites creativity and provides real-world solutions to the challenges our customers face.

Spanning a range of applications not typically associated with a single company, our portfolio of products is unified by a central theme: enhancing life in public—indoors, outdoors, and everywhere in between.

What makes Forms+Surfaces truly unique requires a look beyond our product line, to the creative processes that define our company and shape our ability to help our customers transform their designs into installed reality.

A Culture of Innovation. Touching every member of the F+S team, our culture reflects the personal passion of each individual; the connection to customers and understanding their needs; and the ingenuity to experiment and improvise. The desire to innovate drives us daily, and, in step with the world around us, allows us to constantly evolve.

A History of Collaboration. For nearly five decades we’ve embraced opportunities to work with our clients and suppliers to develop real-world design solutions. These collaborations have informed our product lines, yielded expertise on numerous fronts, and equipped us with a sophisticated understanding of the challenges our customers face.

Solution-Based Design. Whether addressing building code requirements, ADA guidelines or environmental issues, we view design as problem solving. Our highly configurable systems and products can be tailored to suit the aesthetic and performance needs of any setting. Interrelated product lines make it easy to carry design and material themes across an installation.

Comprehensive Expertise. Our steady investment in high-end manufacturing facilities, state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, leading-edge materials, and the skilled professionals that make up our team yields expertise at all levels of our organization and enables us to respond to new opportunities without missing a beat.

Environmental Stewardship. Aimed at protecting the globe we all call home, environmental responsibility has long been part of our core business ethic. Our products emphasize stainless steel, aluminum, FSC Certified woods, high recycled content and recyclability, and low- and no-VOC finishes. We’ve developed a comprehensive system to provide reliable, auditable environmental impact data to our clients.

Global Reach. Key relationships on local and regional levels contribute to our global agility. We have large manufacturing and customer service facilities in the United States, India and Taiwan and an International sales team with offices in London, Dubai, Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

Life at Forms+Surfaces

At Forms+Surfaces, we don’t only pride ourselves in finding the best people to work with, but also the right people – people who can most benefit from and contribute to our unique workplace culture and customer experience.

First and foremost, we offer a family atmosphere. Despite the fact that our company has grown into a global presence, we’ve retained our small company feel, attitude and agility. This is a place where everybody knows your name, and everyone can make an impact.

We foster a creative, team environment that values diversity and innovation. While we emphasize the importance of individual growth, none of our products make it out the door based on one person’s efforts. Together we are stronger, better, faster, and teamwork is our most valuable asset.

We believe in treating everyone with respect, and that same respect is extended towards the planet we share. While “greenspeak” may be a trend among companies, we know actions speak louder than words. That’s why all of our materials, products, processes and policies are geared towards reducing our environmental impact. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing.

Our culture values…

  • hard work
  • mutual respect
  • innovative thinking
  • real-world experience

With the right people, there is no challenge we can’t rise to meet.

If you think Forms+Surfaces sounds like a good fit for you, apply for an open position, or send us your resume. We look forward to hearing from you.

Company Summary
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